3 Foot Soft Modular Mats

  • 3 Foot Soft Modular Mats
    3 Foot Soft Modular Mats
    Active Play
    Manufactured by Children's Factory. Soft attaching modular mats with wipe clean heavy duty 14 oz. vinyl laminated covers. Special shock absorbing 1 1/2 firm polyethylene foam cushions falls. Geometric pieces fasten together in 3 ft. soft segments. Special anti-slip floor surface prevents shifting. Beveled safety edge built into all outside surfaces for gradual walk-on prevents tiny trips and tumbles. Use our pre-engineered sizes or contact us for special designs. Many states now require impact absorbing material both under and around play equipment. All of these 3' Soft Modular Mats exceed ASTM Standard F1292 and the guidelines of the Consumer Product Safety Commission up to 3 feet. Choose 3' Square mat with two beveled edges and hook-and-loop fasteners on two sides one beveled edge and hook-and-loop fasteners on 3 sides hook-and-loop fasteners on all 4 sides or Triangular mat with two 3' Sides and 50 beveled hypotenuse. FOR INDOOR USE ONLY.
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